Physical Education

Physical Education 10,3 or 5 credits

The program consists of a variety of developmentally appropriate activities in which students will develop and apply basic skills. Cooperation and understanding the health benefits of activity are emphasized. Students will take part in team and individual activities such as aquatics, fitness training, badminton, tennis, and other games. CPR will be taught to the majority of the students. Activity is the main focus of this level of physical education.

Physical Education 20 (Co-ed),3 or 5

Prerequisite: Physical Education 10

This program begins to emphasize individual and lifelong sports as well as developed and applying basic skills in a variety of activities. Activities may include golf, fitness testing, aquatics, developing a fitness program, fitness training, outdoor activities, and tennis. Some leadership activities such as coaching and helping in tournament organization may be included. The approximate cost for this program is $30.

Physical Education 30,5 Credit Course

Prerequisite: Physical Education 20

PE 30 provides a multitude of experiences and challenges for the students. Activities include individual activities such as aquatics, golf, canoeing, camping, curling, tennis, skiing, and fitness training. Sports medicine, anatomy, physiology, tournament organization and coaching are all a part of this course. This highest level of PE offered is a culmination of a student’s positive experiences with Phys. Ed. A 3-day camping trip is included with the program. The approximate cost for this course is $230.

Fitness and cross training (F.A.C.T.),5 Credit Course - Click here for more information on FACT

This coeducational course is offered as an alternative to regular physical education program. The class will meet before regular school hours Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 7:15 a.m. The course will last all year and will involve occasional weekend commitments. Activities will include camping, running, cross-country skiing, cycling, swimming, hiking and circuit training. Every Tuesday or Thursday is a swimming day. Final Practical is in June and is the completion of a triathlon. The course is available with the consent the PE department to grade 11 and 12 students. It will cost about $250 dollars which is needed to pay for a 3-day camping trip and swimming fees.

A good working bicycle, good running shoes, and swim goggles are necessary for this course.