Senior Achievement Individualized Learning (SAIL)

​This program is designed for students who have followed an alternative route throughout most of their years in school.  

The program will:

  • have a low student-teacher ratio so that more attention can be given to each student's needs,
  • offer a stable grouping for the students who will remain as a class for most academic subjects,
  • allow for integration with regular students in occupational courses when deemed appropriate by students, parents, and teachers,
  • foster independent living skills,
  • provide work experience opportunities where appropriate, and
  • provide referrals to post-secondary agencies for further education or employment.

A student will receive assistance in selecting courses so that, as much as possible, he/she will be enrolled in courses suitable for his/her ability and interest.  Students transferring from JOR programs will be placed in the appropriate grade level at ÉCCHS in the SOR program by virtue of their age, culminating with their graduation at age 18.