Wall of Fame

​In the fall of 1963, Camrose Composite High School opened its doors and the twenty-one teachers welcomed three hundred and twenty students. In the forty years since we began, several thousand students have completed their high school education at our school. A total of two hundred and twelve teachers have provided their instruction. Currently, we have 48 teachers working with 768 students, along with 100 students from feeder schools.

The staff of École Camrose Composite High School has established a program aimed at recognizing and honoring our distinguished alumni and faculty. To that end, we are soliciting nominations for the awards – Distinguished Alumna/us and Distinguished Faculty.

Please contact the school for more information. 

How to Nominate

Nominees for the Distinguished Alumna/us Award must have graduated from Camrose Composite High School and have contributed substantially to society. We will honour a maximum of three alumni each year. 

Nominees for the Distinguished Faculty Award must have been a teacher on the staff of CCHS for a minimum of ten years, have been retired for at least two years, and have contributed significantly to our school. We will honour one faculty member each year.

To e-mail your form back to us please use the rich text format file (Alumna Nomination form, Faculty Nomination Form) enter your responses and e-mail it to us.

To print and mail or fax the form to us please use the pdf version* of the form (Alumna Nomination Form, Faculty Nomination form), print it and mail or fax it to us.

**All of our contact information is at the bottom of the page.

Nomination forms are also available at the school office. We can also fax or mail copies of the nomination form to you if you request by phoning 672-4416.

Please contact the school in regards to the deadline for submitting nominations.