Media Studies

Media Studies 10-20-30

Media Communications 10 will introduce students to the study of media production.  Students will learn about the principles of media design, digital photography and video production through a study of popular media and film.  Students will develop the introductory skills needed to analyze/evaluate and produce effective media images for a variety of purposes and audiences and will participate in the production of both personal media projects and school/community-contracted projects.  The course will explore the field of media communication as a career path, occupations in related industries and training associated with media design and production.

Media Communication 20 is a continuation of Media Communications 10-4 with a focus on computer-related media design projects.  Students will pursue a more advanced study of the  film and the creation and manipulation of media images for effective communication.  Students will use previously acquired academic, personal and technical skills in the production of promotional media and multimedia projects, such as advertising campaigns and in the production of authored (with menus) DVDs.  Individual and group projects will allow students to examine their potential for an occupation within this vast career field.

Media Communication 30 is the final level of the CCHS Media Studies Program and will concentrate on the creation of complex productions that integrate original image/video with advanced editing techniques as well as a more advanced study of film theory, history and genre.  Students will expand their study of media to include narrative/documentary film, animation, special effects and the independent production of multimedia presentations.  An important focus of this course is the investigation of entry-level career paths in the digital/media arts and in the production of a professional media portfolio.