The Fine Arts give students the opportunity to develop their creative potential. The Fine Arts are fundamental to full human development and provide the essence of a comprehensive education. ÉCCHS offers Art, drama, music and stained glass art.

High School Music Program

Director: Graham Green
Principal: Todd Sieben
Battle River School Division #31

Music Courses offered for credit within the school timetable:

  • Instrumental Music 9   (grade 9 band; 2 classes which run all year)
  • Instrumental Music 10   (band, intermediate level, 3 or 5 credits; 2 classes available)
  • Instrumental Music 20/30   (band, senior level, 3 or 5 credits; 1 class offered)
  • Choral Music 10/20/30   (3 or 5 credits; 1 class)
  • General Music 10G   (beginner guitar; 3 credits; 2 classes available)

Performing Ensembles:

  • Grade Nine Concert Band (comprised of the two grade 9 band classes)
  • ECCHS Concert Band (comprised of the intermediate and senior band classes plus grade 12's unable to timetable band; meets one morning per week for a combined rehearsal; uses different repertoire than the band classes; students in band classes receive a concert band study period every second week in lieu of the morning rehearsal)
  • ECCHS  Chorus (the Choral 10/20/30 class)
  • Jazz Ensemble (meets at noon; 2 rehearsals per week plus a sectional with the director on a rotating basis)
  • Jazz Combo (exists as students available; meets once per week, most rehearsals student led)
  • Chorazz! (chamber choir) – (auditioned; size of group determined by number of men available; 2 45 minute rehearsals per week after school)
  • Chorazz! (vocal jazz ensemble) – (auditioned from chamber choir; 2 40 minute rehearsals per week after school chamber choir)


  • School timetable is semestered and operated on a Day 1/Day 2 rotation system.
  • With the exception of guitar, music courses are offered for 3 or 5 credits. They are non-semestered allowing 5-credit courses to run all year. Students wishing to take band or chorus for 3 credits are required to do so in the first semester.
  • Students must belong to one of the two core groups (Concert Band or Chorus) to be eligible to participate in any of the extra-curricular groups. If they drop out of the core group, they are no longer allowed to participate in the extra-curricular performing group.
  • Students can get credit for extra-curricular performing group participation provided certain eligibility requirements are met. (We have some locally approved courses such as Inst. Jazz 15/25/35, Choir 15/25/35, etc. adapted from a Calgary model)


For more information, please contact Mr. Green by phone at 780-672-4416, or by email at