Behaviour Matrix

Behaviour Matrix

École Camrose Composite High School is dedicated to the cause of providing an atmosphere in which students can develop to their full potential.  The school administrators and teachers recognize the need for students to:

  • feel important, secure and respected;
  • develop an ongoing love for learning;
  • be taught the skill of critical evaluation;
  • be prepared for life in a rapidly changing, technological society;
  • develop an appreciation for aesthetics;
  • acquire the characteristics of good sportsmanship and citizenship;
  • prepare for lifelong leisure activities;
  • be exposed to a wide variety of career information and choices;
  • be counselled in the development of individualized programs tailored to their specific interests and abilities; and
  • pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives.​


A Healthy Sense of Belonging

École​ Camrose Composite High School has created and maintains a caring school environment for students, staff and visitors.  Through programs like the ones listed below, CCHS has developed a healthy sense of belonging.

  • Breakfast Program
  • Varsity Sports
  • Safe, clean school
  • International Flag Display
  • Annual open house
  • Staff/Peer Tutoring at lunch and after school
  • Library/learning commons fully staffed and available to students before and after school
  • Diverse course offerings, including: FACT and Music meeting outside the regular school day, numerous CTS courses, and SOR and K&E programming.
  • Student Success Program
  • Rotary Canoe Trip
  • Queer-Questioning Straight Alliance
  • Staff tracking student progress
  • Teacher Advocates for students at risk
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Teachers offer tutoring at lunch and after school
  • Independent Learning Center allows flexibility in course offerings and remediation opportunities
  • Early report cards and interviews

Smooth Transitions Within and Between Schools

At ECCHS we have created and support smooth transitions for students that are transferring into E​CCHS from schools within the division, outside of the division and our international students.  Programs include:

  • New student orientation
  • Our open house
  • ESL classes
  • School tours
  • Grade level counselors

Positive Actions, Interactions, and Traditions

​Here at ECCHS, we have developed and continue to maintain healthy actions, interactions, and traditions for students, staff, and visitors.  Programs that contribute to positive actions, interactions and traditions within Camrose Composite High School include: 

  • Staff greeting students at the doors
  • New Student orientation
  • Leadership class activities
  • Student run radio station
  • Participation in Challenge Days
  • Student Advocacy Program
  • Posted honor roll
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Award
  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment
  • Wall of Fame - acknowledging and celebrating past students and staffs achievements and contributions
  • Inclusive school with SOR and K&E programming
  • International travel program
  • Student leadership program
  • Participation in Encounters with Canada
  • Media Lunch
  • Fine Arts Open House
  • Music concerts
  • Drama productions
  • Visible staff presence 
  • Interact – Youth Rotary Club
  • Varsity sports