Welcome new students and current students to the

2024 - 2025 school year!


Please have a look at our new prospectus and check in with our administrative staff if you are considering making ÉCCHS your “school of choice” for the upcoming year. ÉCCHS is a student centered environment where abundant programs and learning opportunities are available to all.


What are your plans?

Students will find a complete list of programs and options that will take their learning to a higher level. 

See our planning pages at the back of the prospectus for directions and information about required core courses, and the many options we offer.


If you are a new student or a returning student, we invite you to call us and set up an appointment. 


If you wish to speak directly to one of the administrators or have questions about programming please contact the school at 780-672-4416.


Shane Gau Principal Grade 10 Advisor (Ext. 6706)

Sandra Wills Assistant Principal Grade 9 Advisor (Ext. 6709)

Chad Kendall Assistant Principal Grade 11 Advisor (Ext. 6708)

Paula Neuman Assistant Principal Grade 12 Advisor (Ext. 6707)