French Programming

Why learn another language? When we learn a second language we broaden our cultural and intellectual capacity to understand other people and to live in harmony with them. The value of learning a second language has increased in our global community in recent years.​

ÉCCHS offers French and French Immersion classes.

French Immersion

École Camrose Composite High School is a dual track school that offers a French Immersion Program from Grades 9-12.

Students in Grade 9 French Immersion receive all of the core subjects in French (French Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science).

Students in Grades 10-12 French Immersion receive all of their Humanities courses in French. These include French Language Arts and Social Studies. As the number of students in French Immersion increases over the next several years, there is a desire to add additional courses and enhance the French Immersion programming.

Currently, there are approximately 32 students enrolled in the French Immersion program at École Camrose Composite High School. We are excited to see that our program will be growing in the next several years as there are more and more students who are choosing to access French Immersion in Battle River School Division.

There are many supports in place to ensure students are very successful in both their French and English learning!

If would like more information about the French Immersion Program at École Camrose Composite High School, please contact any of the administrators here at ÉCCHS.